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The compilation of every competitor's result ranked from the inception of the Chicago Pull Up Park Jam in 2015 to the present.






DOWNLOAD the all-time results

from 2015-2018 HERE.  Check back soon for

all ten years of results from 2015-2024

The All-Time Ranking for each event is provided by: All Competitors and Female Competitors


Format changes to events are noted in each All-Time Ranking.  For example, Pull-Ups became

Deadstop in 2018.  Push-Ups were Military style in 2015 only.  Dips were a one set max in 2015 as well. 

However, an all-time ranking by format for each event is not provided on this website.  The full detailed all-time results can be sorted in Excel.


All competitors that earned a zero (0) are included in the all-time ranking, because that zero demonstrates their effort to attempt to complete a rep, even if no valid reps were counted.  Every attempt is the beginning of growth.  The Chicago Pull Up Park Jam applauds, praises, and recognizes each competitor's commitment to growth, which for every single athlete begins with zero (0) reps.

An All-Time Ranking by weightclass and age is not provided given that the weightclass and age parameters have not been consistent nor continuous each year.

Similarly and all-time overall ranking is not provided given the number of events competed each year has changed from 4 events in 2015, to 3 events in 2016, to 5 events most recently.

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